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Fast track your Provisional Membership Subscription Cost: $35.00

Includes Public liability and Personal Accident Insurance. In addition to these insurances, Provisional members will have access to our Medical, Evacuation and Safety Net Fund. Before applying for provisional membership, please view our membership information.

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Membership Information:

Membership Benefits
Your membership subscription assists in offsetting and contributing towards a varied number of expenses within our group. Some of the benefits include general and public liability insurance, personal injury insurance, a medical, evacuation and safety net fund, free entry to various national parks, discounted bushwalk clothing and equipment, and complimentary catered socials which may be provided from time to time. Ku-ring-gai Bushwalkers Activity & Social Group has an ongoing commitment to providing funds to several charities with continued support for CareFlight, one of the most advanced emergency helicopter and medical retrieval services in the world.

Provisional/Introductory Membership $35.00
To participate in any of the group’s activities you must first become a provisional/introductory member. Provisional membership is available for a 2 month period. During this time you will be introduced to our members while having the opportunity to trial some of our activities before making any commitment to full membership. Please note: It is not possible to remain a provisional member for an unlimited time.
Please make sure that you have read and understood the membership qualifications prior to sending your provisional membership subscription.

Membership Qualifications
Persons applying for membership shall undertake a minimum of two qualifying activities as a provisional member, after which time their application for membership shall be reviewed for acceptance. Persons qualifying for membership shall:-

  1. have a complete understanding of their duty of care and all associated rules and practices of the group;
  2. have a sufficient level of fitness relative to the group’s activities;
    (ie. a person shall be aerobically fit and capable of participating in moderate impact activities for extended periods)
  3. have good communication skills, commonsense and a basic understanding of safety issues relating to the activities;
  4. have a birth date that falls between the years 1947 and 1964 inclusive;
  5. have their application for membership proposed and seconded by two full members, and reviewed and accepted by the committee;
  6. be within the spirit and harmony of the group and be of a natural character.

A person who cannot comply with qualification (4.) may be given special consideration at the discretion of the group. Special consideration for qualification (4.) is limited and shall not exceed more than 5 percent of the total group membership.

Annual Membership $135.00
Our full memberships run from July 1st to June 30th in the following year. A 3 tiered pro-rata fee is available for persons applying for full membership mid-year. Membership renewals are due on or before May 30th each year.
NB. It is not practical to join our group without having the use of a vehicle as most of our activities are held away from areas of public transport. Furthermore, a valid e-mail address is required to access our correspondence, informational brochures and newsletters etc.

Special Note
Our group has held and maintained an unblemished safety record since its inauguration in 1995. It is our aim to remain at the forefront when dealing with issues of safety in the bush. As a group, we also understand the responsibility and importance in having our members covered by insurance. In the interest of your safety and the safety of all members, our group maintains a strict 'No Membership - No Go policy'. There is no exception to this rule.

Objectives Of The Group:
The objectives of the Ku-ring-gai Bushwalkers are to promote fun, fitness, friendship and safety through bushwalking and related outdoor activities.

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